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 Living Tide (Private)

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PostSubject: Living Tide (Private)   Living Tide (Private) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 2:59 am

Running. Running, running. Through the forest. Pushing past branches and other scenery. Lungs burning, heavy breathing, heart racing. As if he was prey. He wasn't being chased, though. He was chasing. Somebody important. Somebody very dear to him. He couldn't remember. Flashes of images came to him when he thought about it. Slender form, long, dark hair, waving so gently in the breeze. Such a precious sight. It had to be...who else would compel him so? But that would be impossible...he said so. And then, at other times, he get flashes of a different woman. This time with lighter hair. They seemed, connected, though. Similar. Jinsei couldn't figure out hard. It was like his fog, like he was in a trance. When was the last time he had even talked to somebody? And why didn't he care? He had a feeling he had been chasing this person for a while. A week? It didn't feel like that long, but it certainly felt right.

He turned a path and found himself in a clearing. And there she was. Standing there. She had long, flowing dirty-blond hair, slim form. Standing with purpose. Jinsei stopped in his tracks. The girl, she turned her heard slightly towards him, and he caught a glimpse of piercing, crimson eyes. And then she was gone. Jinsei, though, stood frozen. For how long, it was unknown but something clicked. The fog cleared. He could think again. He shook his head, as if to clear away the last of it. Who was that? And why was she so much

For some reason, Jinsei still couldn't remember the recent past He remembered arriving in the dimension, ending up in a cave...and the rest, a blank. He sighed, sliding down, plopping on his butt. Now what?
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PostSubject: Re: Living Tide (Private)   Living Tide (Private) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 02, 2013 3:07 am

Searching through the forest for whatever marks he could find of the person he was chasing it seemed that this had been going on for far too long. The most recent thoughts that didn't involve hunting were from his conversation last week with Mercury but due to the tracks that were left this was an inaccurate measurement of how long he had been tracking down what he believed to be Diana. The prints spoke the opposite but he remembered for some reason that he believed he was tracking her. Why? He was unsure. Perhaps she didn't want to be found. However, he felt there was more to that. He didn't remember coming to this area. So why was he compelled to search for her here? Also, why was he fully covered with all the things he usually brought when combat was expected. He remembered the brief moments he took off his helmet to check for for bruises or anything that would indicate that he hit his head and was a victim of amnesia but this was not the case.

Continuing to follow the tracks he peeked out through the brush that he had followed the snapped twigs too and as crimson eyes looked towards him acknowledging his presence she disappeared. The fog that hindered thought seemed to have escaped and he confirmed to himself that what he saw was her. However, the tracks left seemed to be odd and unfamiliar opposed to what she usually left behind. These were also much sloppier as if they weren't trying to escape but perhaps lure him somewhere?

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Living Tide (Private)
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