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 General Site Rules & Regulations

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General Site Rules & Regulations  Empty
PostSubject: General Site Rules & Regulations    General Site Rules & Regulations  Icon_minitimeMon Sep 24, 2012 3:38 am

:General Rules:

-No Godmodding. Godmodding includes things such as being invincible to all attacks or creating an indestructible weapon/armor or starting out as the most powerful on the site when everyone starts on the same level and progress upward. Godmodding is, in short, breaking the common rules of fair play. There are different types of Godmodding as well which are auto-hitting, metagaming and power playing. Performing any of which is a violation of the rules.
  • Autohitting is when you decide whether or not your attack is going to hit the opponent and how it is going to hit them (even just deciding that it hits still constitutes as an autohit).
  • Metagaming is where you as a person give your character knowledge they would not have access too. Say other people are in a topic and said something just because you know it does not mean that your character knows it. This even means knowing the name to people's characters despite no one having told you whether it be that character themselves or another one.
  • Power playing is where a person blocks or dodges every single attack that comes their way as if it was nothing or being able to take every hit thrown at them as if it dealt no damage at all.

-No Spamming or Flaming.
  • Spamming is when you are posting frequent unnecessary topics or comments to increase your post count, as well as posting more than once in a row (e.g. double posting). You will be warned, and if there is a continual breaking of this rule, you will be punished.
  • Flaming is basically arguing with someone back and forth while also insulting them. If you are going to flame someone then don't do it in a post. Do it in a Private Message (PM) because no one needs to bring other people into a personal problem you may have with someone. Now if there is abuse or harassment then let an Administrator or member of the staff know. Having a civil argument even if passionate does not constitute as flaming unless insults are being thrown at a person directly in attempt to undermine or insult them.

-You are limited to RPing 6 topics.
-Unless specified otherwise in the topic title the topic is open.
-You are now allowed to create topics that say, "(Open except for so-and-so)".
-You are limited to 1 account and 1 character per account. No exceptions.
-Switching accounts is allowed but the action must be approved by the Owner of the site before the action is taken.
-If you have a relative using the same computer and IP address you will have to provide proof of their existence before they are allowed to use their account to RP on the site. The terms of proof will be discussed when the situation arises.
-Do not used the unapproved. If it has not been approved then you are not allowed to use it. You are also not allowed to use something in a topic that has been posted up for approval after you first started/joined the topic. Exiting and rejoining a topic will not be a valid excuse to get around this rule.
-Use the appropriate templates when posting in the forum where it was intended to be used.
-The site's timeline takes place in the current year (but obviously in a different timeline).

-Notes on Magic
  • Any form of magic must use an interval of five. 1, 2, 3, 4, 6, and other numbers that do not reach this requirement are not approvable.
  • When casting anything in an RP topic link what was used and subtract the appropriate amount of Mana from your total Mana Pool.
  • You can create things that cost more Mana than you currently have but you cannot use them until you have the appropriate amount of Mana.

-The site is Rated M meaning we do allow explicit things to be RP'd. However, sex scenes are forbidden due to violating Forumotion's rules and regulations. You can merely, "Fade To Black".
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General Site Rules & Regulations
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