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 Creation Rules

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PostSubject: Creation Rules   Creation Rules Icon_minitimeTue Sep 25, 2012 9:31 pm

:Creation Rules:

-You cannot choose to be a character based on an actual historical figure nor have a character have an experience with a historical figure that has existed. Although this takes place in a universe that all the same events happened we do not want people saying, “Oh, hey. Remember that time we hung out with Jesus/Hitler/Napoleon?” We don’t want people making up historical facts or potentially offending people with mention of such things.
-You also cannot reference any current events due to this being an alternate timeline and not wanting to mess up the continuity of the site's background.
-Characters who are blatant rip offs from any form of social media will be denied. Using pictures of such characters is acceptable but not when you copy the entire character.
-Characters may only be of the human sized, humanoid variety.
-Any extra limbs would have to be made in their appropriate slots. This means no free third arms, third eyes, tails, wings and etc.
-You get 4 elements. Arcane is mandatory and you get the choice of any 3 of the other elements. By default none of your elements are inherently weaker than another.
-Anything not human/Never was human= A demon

-Do not post multiple weapons or pieces of armor (unless full body armor that provides the same protection in all areas) in a single topic. Each weapon and piece of armor receives its own individual topic.
-Weapons do not have any special abilities and are solely weapons unless you use the respective slot to give it whatever ability you wish it to have. However, that must be created separately.
-No technological weaponry will be allowed on the site such as guns. The highest form of technology for weapons would be crossbows or things of that caliber. You also cannot get around this rule by saying something along the lines of, “Magic guns”. For plot reasons the presence of the demons have caused all high class harmful technology to become dysfunctional. However, this does not include public transport systems which can be used to get places such as planes, boats, buses, etc. All weaponry on military based vehicles are also dysfunctional.
-There are no multi-wielding requirements and you have access to it upon entering the site.
-No summonable weapons through the use of passive magic and it would need to be cost.
-No weapons that shrink into smaller objects such as jewelry.
-No items that are infinite in size so you can store all your weapons in them without having to deal with lugging it all around.

-Do not post multiple Spells in a single topic. Each spell receives its own individual topic.
-Spells that involve Regenerating, Draining, and Transferring Mana are not allowed.
-Negation spells are not allowed. This does not mean defensive spells are not allowed.
-No reversal magic is allowed.
-No portalling, teleporting or instantaneous movement magic allowed.
-No full freezing or full paralysis magic.
-No shapeshifting. If you are going to change your entire body it will take a form slot and you will only be able to change into that one thing.
-There are no type advantages when it comes to spells. If a 10MP fireball and a waterball of the same cost collide they would both dissipate and cancel each other out. If a 20MP fireball and a 10MP waterball collide the fireball would be weakened by the same amount that it would be weakened by if hit by a fireball that was worth 10MP.

-Do no post multiple summons in a single topic. Each receives its own individual topic. This does not mean you can't have multiple summons in a post but that if you need to pay separate costs for the summons then they belong in separate topics.

:Forms & Transformations:
-Do no post multiple forms/transformations in a single topic. Each receives its own individual topic.

:Enchantments & Traits:

-Do not post multiple Enchantments or Traits in a single topic. Each receives its own individual topic.
-The difference between an enchantment and a trait is that a trait would be an extra limb such as wings that your character has always had where an enchantment would be something such as flying through the use of wind magic. However, it isn't too important of a difference just remember that enchantment & traits are things that are intended to have more permanent effects opposed to things such as spells, forms or summons.

-Each vehicle must be posted separately in its own topic.
-In total you get 4 vehicles. 2 for global movement and 2 for local movement. You get one of each in the beginning and then you can choose which you get as your third and fourth not being forced to have the local or global one first/second.
-Transportation cannot be used for combat purposes. The only situation you can use a vehicle in combat is if you are fighting someone who is using a vehicle of the same caliber as yours. However, you cannot use it for when you are fighting another member who is not using a vehicle/a vehicle of the same caliber.
-Regardless of vehicle vs vehicle combat they will not be given their own weapons.
-All hover vehicles will float a minimum and a maximum of one-and-a-half feet off the ground.
-Public modes of transportation are still available without approval such as normal planes, boats and etc that civilians can use.

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Creation Rules
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